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How Figma and Adobe think they could work together

How Figma and Adobe think they could work together


After a year of talking about their proposed deal, both sides are ready to show what it would actually look like.

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Regulators are still reviewing Adobe’s $20 billion proposed acquisition of Figma on antitrust grounds.

In the meantime, it’s clear that both companies see lots of ways their products can work together. The above video shared exclusively with The Verge shows some of those ideas for the first time, including how Adobe’s generative AI engine, Firefly, could be integrated directly into Figma. Another example shows an app prototype from Figma being dropped directly into After Effects, along with shared color palettes and fonts available in both Figma and Creative Cloud.

“It’s really important that Figma operates as an independent team because their customer base is so distinct, and also, they’ve got a great thing going,” Adobe chief strategy officer Scott Belsky tells me. “But also, the opportunity of being part of the same family gives us the option to do some of the things you just saw.”

Stay tuned for more from my full interview with Belsky and Yuhki Yamashita, Figma’s chief product officer, in the next issue of Command Line.