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Deltarune’s next chapter is nearly finished

Deltarune’s next chapter is nearly finished


In a Halloween update, Undertale and Deltarune developer Toby Fox says that Delatarune Chapter 3 is nearly completed and details the plans for the game’s wider commercial release.

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Image of Undertale characters Papyrus and Sans with Papyrus dressed in a costume of Frankenstein’s monster and Dracula.
Image: Toby Fox

Deltarune fans, consider your bones trousled. On Tuesday, the fifth anniversary of Deltarune’s release, Undertale and Deltarune developer Toby Fox shared some wonderful news worthy of a spooky celebration. In a development update, Fox shared that Deltarune’s third chapter is “nearing completion” and outlined his plans for the game’s full release.

“Chapter 3 is pretty much content complete! There will be essentially no more changes to dialogue or gameplay from here,” Fox wrote on his website, interspersed with cute Halloween-themed sprites of everyone’s favorite monster crew.

Though Fox explained that there is still more work to be done on Chapter 3 before it can be released in full, he said that his team has mostly transitioned to working on Chapter 4 and that development on that should be smoother.

In addition to sharing progress on Deltarune’s latest chapters, Fox also explained how Deltarune’s wider commercial release was going to work. “My original plan was to release Chapter 3, 4, and 5 together,” he wrote. “However, the finish line of Chapter 5 is still pretty far off... and I don’t think anybody really wants to wait that long to release anything.”

Fox wrote that his new plan will be to release Deltarune for purchase once Chapter 4 is complete. Fox shared no dates or timeline for release but did say that a “substantial amount” of work had been done on the chapter already in addition to bringing in a producer to make the process even smoother.

Fox also wrote that he plans on pausing detailed development updates for a while.

“Instead, I’ll just let you guys know if the development is getting close to completion, or if something funny happens.”