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Diablo IV is coming to Steam

Diablo IV is coming to Steam


You’ll be able to play Diablo IV on Steam later in October.

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A screenshot from Diablo IV.
Image: Blizzard Entertainment

Diablo IV, one of the biggest games of the year, is coming to Steam on October 17th. The news comes via video game news and deals account Wario64, who spied a listing for the hellish RPG on Steam.

Though available on consoles (minus the Switch), the PC version of the game was previously locked to Blizzard’s propriety service. Expanding Diablo IV to Steam is in line with previous efforts from Blizzard to capture more PC gamers as it made Overwatch 2 available on Steam earlier this year. Blizzard has stated that it intends to bring more of its games to Steam but has not shared which games it intends to offer there or when they’d be available.

Overwatch 2 was the first game Blizzard launched on the platform and was panned almost immediately. It currently has an “overwhelmingly negative” review score with over 190,000 reviews likely over player dissatisfaction with the implementation of a battle pass and canceled content. Diablo IV, which launched back in June of this year, shouldn’t have that problem, as it was generally well received.