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Google releases Gmail app for Wear OS

Google releases Gmail app for Wear OS


You can download it now from the Google Play Store.

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Photo by Jakub Porzycki / NurPhoto via Getty Images

Google is rolling out a Gmail app for Wear OS that will allow smartwatch wearers to view their inbox and open messages. The announcement comes a few months after the app’s initial announcement at Google I/O in May.

The app (first spotted on the Google Play Store by 9to5Google) allows users to check their email from the comfort of their Pixel Watch. Per 9to5, you can refresh your inbox, scroll full emails, and switch between multiple accounts from the watch interface. New email notifications can also be displayed on the watch’s face.

Person showing off PIxel Watch 2
The Pixel Watch 2 was also launched today.
Photo by Victoria Song / The Verge

This is a big step up in functionality for those who use Wear OS. Previously, Wear OS watches could receive Gmail’s push notifications (the way they could receive notifications from all kinds of other apps), but users could only archive, reply, or delete in response. The application, which will work on Wear OS 3 or Wear OS 4, is currently available for download from the Play Store.