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Silent Hill: Ascension premieres on Halloween

Silent Hill: Ascension premieres on Halloween


The interactive choose-your-own-adventure series will start at 9PM ET on the 31st, with new scenes being released daily for six months.

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Silent Hill: Ascension, the interactive streaming series set in the universe of the classic horror games, will have its “world premiere” on October 31st at 9PM ET, says Jacob Navok, the game’s executive producer and CEO of developer Genvid. If you want to take part you’ll be able to participate through Ascension’s iOS and Android apps, or by visiting

“I use the phrase ‘world premiere’ intentionally because Silent Hill: Ascension is not a game,” Navok explains. “It is a streaming series where you, the audience, participate live to determine what happens. You, and the rest of the community, will decide the fate of its characters.” That doesn’t mean Ascension is live-action, however. It’s very much a video game-looking experience.

Interactive elements could include quicktime events, where if enough of the audience fails then the character fails with them, as well as puzzles.

The plan is to release new content on a daily basis that progresses the story and gives more decisions and challenges for players to interact with. Their progress will get combined into weekly episodes that’ll serve as “the sum of the community’s interactions with Silent Hill: Ascension.” Developer Genvid Technologies, which has collaborated with Konami and Bad Robot Games on the project, plans to run the series for six months.