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Arlo’s new home security subscription service covers both hardware and monitoring

Arlo’s new home security subscription service covers both hardware and monitoring


Arlo’s Total Security packages include 24/7 home monitoring services plus financing for the equipment included in a set monthly subscription cost.

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Sign that says protected Arlo smart security, no upfront costs, and pictures of security cameras, sensors, keypad, and batteries.
Some of the Arlo equipment you get with the $49.99 per month Total Security tier.
Image: Arlo

Arlo is launching a new home security subscription service that includes 24/7 monitoring and all the hardware expected from a do-it-yourself package — plus high-quality 2K cameras included in the advanced tier. The offering, which is called Arlo Total Security, is like a hybrid of traditional home security companies (think ADT) that take care of the hardware with monitoring and smart home packages like Nest Secure and SimpliSafe, where you buy and install the equipment but pay for the service separately.

The real meat of Arlo’s offering is the top-tier $49.99 per month hardware and monitoring package that includes very good quality 2K cameras with 12x zoom (although it’s not the top 4K camera option). Competing security cameras from Ring and SimpliSafe don’t have nearly as good 1080p quality cameras.

Arlo’s top Total Security package, called Advanced with Video, includes three Pro 5S 2K cameras with anti-theft mounts, along with four rechargeable batteries with a dual charging station, 30 days of cloud video storage, and AI detection tech that can identify people, vehicles, animals, packages, and smoke alarm sounds. The package also has the 24/7 professional monitoring service, a keypad hub with built-in battery and cellular connectivity backup, 10 of Arlo’s all-in-one sensors, and a yard sign.

comparison chart of the three Arlo total security packages
Starter package (left) for $9.99 per month, Starter Plus (middle) for $19.99 per month, and Advanced with Video (right) for $49.99 per month.
Image: Arlo

Arlo’s monthly fee includes the monitoring service and the financing cost (zero percent APR) on all the hardware for 36 months, which you’ll need to get approved through Affirm. The total financed value for the advanced tier is $1,799.64.

SimpliSafe and other companies do not combine hardware and monitoring services in their monthly cost. For instance, SimpliSafe’s Beacon package with two cameras costs about $30 per month (currently discounted to $11.83 as of writing) for 24 months, but that’s just for the hardware; you still need to pay a separate monthly fee for the monitoring service (one month is included free).

Arlo also has a “Starter Plus” package for $19.99 per month that includes the same hub and sensors but without the cameras, which might work for those who prefer a separate camera solution with monitoring and recording service. There’s also a base “Starter” tier that costs $9.99 per month and only includes two sensors instead of 10 and drops the cellular and battery backup features.