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‘I’m on the edge of revolt now that Google’s actions are so punitive.’

That’s a line from Expedia’s senior executive Barry Diller’s strongly-worded email to Google that Bloomberg reported on last month in the ongoing Google antitrust trial.

Diller complained that Google search ads costs ballooned from “$21M to almost $300M” from 2015 to 2019. But just look at these excerpts, written with the most “I said good day!” energy of anything I’ve read in the last year.

What could possibly justify such increases - it’s not as if you’re selling sugar against a world drought. The only conclusion is that Google has systematically moved every lever in its hegemony over search to disembowel our businesses.

We are not owners of horses begging for automobile manufacturers to keep us alive as technology replaces us. We are vibrant innovative enterprises that deliver value for consumers and I believe you are unfairly using your monopoly power to bleed us dry.