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Here is what Google planned to offer OEMs to preload Google Play and apps:

As part of an executive summary titled “We are fine-tuning Android Search Rev share (ex Samsung) to protect Google from key strategic risks),” Google CFO Ruth Porat and others were presented with this ask:

Ask: Spend $2.9B in total in 2020 (+141M to status quo) growing to $4.5B (+$600M) in 2023 across Search and Play for carriers and non-Samsung OEMs to secure platform protections for Search, and Play and critical apps protections on more devices

Google planned to specifically offer revenue to phone manufacturers to “secure Play exclusivity,” among other things:

*Offer up to 16% Play rev share to OEMs (16% to key CN OEMs, 4-8% to smaller OEMs) spending est. $35M 2020 and up to $224M in 2023 (steady state) in addition to the bonus tier of current RSA to secure Play exclusivity, Android upgrades, and distribution for critical apps (Comms suite, Pay, Photos, Gmail, Gcal, Discover suite)

And as we’re seeing now, Google went through with these deals, calling them RSA 3.0.