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Humane will be updating its AI Pin reveal video to address a big error.

In the video, Humane’s AI Pin confidently lied about the best places to watch April’s upcoming total solar eclipse, but Humane staffer (and Verge alum) Sam Sheffer said in Humane’s Discord that this was a bug that’s since been resolved. Sheffer says Humane will be updating the video on its website, but as of this writing, the wrong eclipse information is still in it.

The device also misstated the amount of protein in a handful of almonds. Sheffer says the pin was spelling out the amount of protein for a half cup of almonds, which was the “correct and current” behavior. However, he says the behavior will “improve over time.” The video on Humane’s website has a footnote that says “protein amount estimated” — I’m not sure if this was there originally.