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Epic is slowly trying to prove Google had a potentially anticompetitive relationship with Samsung.

While Android boss Hiroshi Lockheimer has already admitted he thinks of Samsung as both a partner and competitor, Epic is now pursuing the handshake deal angle it alluded to the other day in court.

For example: Lockheimer emailed Samsung Mobile president DJ Koh on July 11th, 2014, to say he was “surprised” that Samsung went ahead with a big Galaxy Store rebrand without his knowledge (technically, that one was called Galaxy Apps).

Koh was then cc’d on an email back to Lockheimer explaining away the change:

We definitely don’t want to compete with Play Store, but we had to make some changes to it to provide Samsung customers with better value. So they (folks at MSC) decided to re-brand the store to Galaxy Apps and this new store will only have a few hundreds apps.

Lockheimer says he was surprised simply because he’d just been in Korea to meet with Samsung, and it didn’t mention Galaxy Apps.

He also agreed that he sometimes texted DJ Koh on the side as part of the business relationship.