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Pichai confirms individual Googlers got to decide what evidence to preserve.

After dismissing the jury, Judge James Donato had some pointed questions for Google CEO Sundar Pichai about preserving evidence, most prominently:

Is it your understanding that from 2008 through today and every day in-between, it had been Google’s policy to let each individual employee who was subject to a litigation hold to decide whether or not to preserve a chat?

Pichai answered yes. Outside of some recent changes, “The employees have to make the decision.”

What were the changes? “My understanding is we change the chat to be default-on now for all Googlers.”

“So it’s done a 180, the default now is on for all employees unless someone opts out?” Yes, as of Q1 of this year.

We’re going on lunch — and Pichai is done being a witness. We might come back with Android boss Hiroshi Lockheimer.