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“Things could get ugly once people find out.”

Rubin’s 70/30 rev share decree came as a surprise — because it was already sharing 95 percent in some regions.

“As requested (re Eric Chu) we have changed the default developer revenue share from 95% to 70%. This is live in production now,” reads a June 2009 email.

Some employees thought Google was Being Evil (back when its motto was Don’t Be Evil) and protested the decision in internal emails. (That’s two bingo card stamps right now, if you’re keeping track.)

Here’s how Android engineer, Jean-Baptiste Queru, reacted in an email:

As an outside developer, I’d mostly think “evil”. It’s hard to justify the storyline that we’re trying to change the mobile industry if the reality is that the mobile industry is changing us. I hope that Google is ready to defend that new position in public as things could get ugly once people find out.”