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Cruise robotaxi shutdown expands, pressing pause on supervised and manual trips too.

Cruise’s robotaxis are front and center of the industry’s trust issue after losing their California permit following an incident where a pedestrian ended up stuck underneath one of its cars.

It already halted service nationwide and said it’s installing new updates. Now Cruise has announced it’s taking its cars off of public roads while it undergoes a full safety review. Meanwhile, Cruise board member and GM legal executive VP Craig Glidden is “expanding” his role to lead Cruise’s Legal, Communications, and Finance teams.

 In the coming days, we are also pausing our supervised and manual AV operations in the U.S., affecting roughly 70 vehicles. This orderly pause is a further step to rebuild public trust while we undergo a full safety review. We will continue to operate our vehicles in closed course training environments and maintain an active simulation program in order to stay focused on advancing AV technology.