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The Analogue Pocket now comes in a rainbow of classic Game Boy colors

The Analogue Pocket now comes in a rainbow of classic Game Boy colors


Damn, those are pretty.

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Product image of the Analogue Pocket Classic Limited Edition featuring a circular display of eight Analogue Pocket handheld consoles in colors clockwise from the top: indigo, yellow, silver, pink, spice orange, blue, green, and red.
Photo: Analogue

Analogue seems obsessed with recreating the Game Boy family as faithfully as possible. For its latest endeavor, it’s bringing the classic colorways of the Game Boy Advance and Pocket to the Analogue Pocket. These Classic Limited Edition Pockets have, according to the press release, been “carefully color-matched” to resemble the colors of the Game Boys of old, offering blue, green, indigo, spice orange, pink, red, silver, and yellow.

Just take a look at this. Don’t you just feel somewhere between 10–15 years old again seeing that iconic indigo color?

Image of Analogue Pocket’s Classic Limited Edition handheld in the indigo colorway.
Photo: Analogue

The Classic Limited Edition Pockets will go on sale on November 17th, retailing for $249.99. Expect them to start shipping a few days later on the 20th, which means they’ll hopefully make for a nice Christmas present for that person in your life who still has all their Game Boy carts from their youth — looking at you, Travis.

As with all of Analogue’s limited-edition handhelds — like the recently announced transparent and glow-in-the-dark versions — these classic Pockets will only be available for a short time. When they’re gone, they’re gone for good, much like the Game Boys they were meant to emulate.