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Epic v. Google day seven (today) will dive deeper into security.

We’ll be hearing from David Kleidermacher, a VP of engineering at Google who should address security, after Kirsten Rasanen, a Google director of partnerships.

There may also be video deposition from Amazon midday, Epic says. No mention of original Android boss Andy Rubin.

Judge James Donato is going over logistics now, trying to make sure the trial will run on time. Epic and Google have a disagreement over Google Play’s net profit margin. “Doing it 100 percent your way, what is the net profit margin?” the judge asked Google.

A man from Google’s team immediately pulled Google lead attorney Glenn Pomerantz aside, whispered in his ear, and then Google deflected the question. “They’re relying on numbers and margins that clearly don’t count any Android costs,” said Pomerantz.

We’ll hear from expert witnesses on Monday and Tuesday.