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Valve’s Steam Deck OLED store seems to be recovering

Valve’s Steam Deck OLED store seems to be recovering


Valve acknowledged issues shortly after orders for the updated handheld opened up, but it now says it believes things are fixed.

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The Steam Deck OLED.
Photo by The Verge

If you’ve had trouble ordering Valve’s new Steam Deck OLED, you’re not alone. Orders opened at 1PM ET on Thursday, and many people ran into issues actually completing a purchase. Some Verge staffers who tried to purchase a Steam Deck OLED got stuck with the device in their cart but were unable to check out.

As of this writing — more than two hours after orders went live — things seem to be settling down. One Verge employee who had been trying to get one of the new models was finally able to check out. And I’ve seen many people report successful purchases on the Steam Deck subreddit.

Within minutes of orders opening up, Valve acknowledged that there are problems with checkout and said it was trying to address them. About two hours later, at 3:11PM ET, it said that “we believe we’ve tracked down the issues causing instability in the cart and checkout on Steam.”

The issues might feel reminiscent of the preorder process for the original Steam Deck in July 2021, which took down Steam immediately. Demand this time around is likely high because the Steam Deck OLED seems like a pretty good upgrade — though I have to imagine a lot of people are trying to grab the limited-edition transparent Steam Deck, too (which has been going in and out of stock).

Update November 16th, 3:34PM ET: Valve says that it thinks it has fixed the issues.