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Apple CEO Tim Cook told Google CEO Sundar Pichai he wanted to be “deep deep partners.”

We just saw Google’s notes from a two-hour meeting in 2018 between Tim Cook and Sundar Pichai with other top execs in attendance. Here are some of the passages I copied down; I couldn’t type fast enough to get the whole thing!

Tim’s overall message to Google was “I imagine us as being able to be deep deep partners; deeply connected where our services end and yours begin and sees no natural impediment to us doing more together. Knows there is a past but doesn’t feel encumbered by it and wants to figure out how we work more deeply together. (and share information better - he stressed this a few times)” Very positive and I felt genuine on his part — but we can take this slowly and no regrets over how we have handled things to date (from Sundar)


Sundar: we would love to see the iPhone numbers grow and will work in good faith to answer the queries you send us ...


Our vision is that we work as if we are one company. There is reluctance on both parts about sharing things. It would be great to hurdle over that. We’ve been back in a good stead for awhile; build a Google app that really builds a great experience (Sundar). We could extend the terms of the deal. 

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