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Fortnite OG will end with a Big Bang

Fortnite OG will end with a Big Bang


The battle royale’s next live event will kick off on December 2nd, and it promises some big changes.

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Promotional art for Fortnite’s Big Bang event.
Image: Epic Games

Fortnite is currently saturated in nostalgia, thanks to the backwards-looking Fortnite OG. But that’s about to change very soon: the battle royale’s next major live event promises “a new beginning” for the game. There aren’t many other details, but the event is called The Big Bang, and it kicks off on December 2nd at 2PM ET; as with past events, developer Epic recommends players show up at least 30 minutes early so they don’t miss out.

The vibe of The Big Bang feels reminiscent of the black hole event in 2019, which wiped out the original battle royale island, paving the way for Fortnite to constantly reinvent itself with new chapters. The island has been changed multiple times since; one time it flipped over, another time it simply exploded. The Big Bang will almost definitely include a similar level of change.

In the meantime, players have just shy of two weeks to revel in the past, as Fortnite OG continues to reintroduce fan-favorite features and locations (which seems like a popular decision). Most recently, the game brought back the icy Frosty Flights locale and the Battlefield-style airplanes that go with it.