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In 2021, Amazon internally admitted it goofed on teaching users how to sideload.

Amazon’s top recommendation to improve the Amazon Appstore in 2021 was to fix its installation instructions — because they were at least slightly wrong for phones as popular as the Samsung Galaxy S20.

However, the picture under “Turn on Unknown Sources” did not match the settings for numerous Android phones we tested (LG K30, Galaxy S9, Samsung Galaxy S20, Pixel 3, ASUS Zenfone Max [...])

Also, Google is pointing out that Amazon Fire tablets included sideloading scare screens as well:

Your tablet and personal data are more vulnerable to attack by unknown apps. By installing apps from this source, you agree that you are responsible for any damage to your tablet or loss of data that may result from their use.

Guess sideloading friction wasn’t just Google’s fault?

As of 2021, “Amazon had significantly fewer apps (456k) than Apple (1.85m) or Google (2.65m)” according to an Amazon doc.