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Bungie confirms Destiny 2’s The Final Shape expansion is delayed until June 2024

Bungie confirms Destiny 2’s The Final Shape expansion is delayed until June 2024


Bungie is taking its time to get The Final Shape molded to perfection after issues with Lightfall.

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Destiny 2 characters on a poster for The Final Shape
Image: Bungie

Bungie officially confirmed on Monday that Destiny 2: The Final Shape is delayed until June 4th, 2024. Reports of a delay to the expansion emerged last month after Bungie started making layoffs at the studio amid a drop in Destiny 2 players after the poorly received Lightfall release.

Bungie reportedly laid off around 8 percent of Bungie employees, affecting roles in community management, engineering, social media, QA, and more. Now, the Halo creator is taking its time to get things right with The Final Shape after negative reviews and player sentiment from the Lightfall expansion.

The Final Shape is an ambitious expansion that’s meant to conclude Destiny’s light and darkness saga. Bungie has shown very little about the expansion so far, teasing that Destiny 2 players will enter “the Traveler,” a mysterious entity in the universe of Destiny that hangs motionless in the sky as a source of light for Destiny players. The Final Shape will include the Pale Heart, Destiny’s first linear destination.

“The Final Shape is the culmination of the first ten years of Destiny storytelling and, for Guardians everywhere, countless hours spent together,” the development team wrote in a blog post. “We want to honor that journey, so we’re taking the time we need to deliver an even bigger and bolder vision, one that we hope will be remembered and treasured for years to come.”

The team said that Season of the Wish, which launches on Tuesday, will run until the release of The Final Shape. “While the majority of content and narrative for Season of the Wish will run from late November to February as originally planned, the team is adding new content available for all players to jump into until the launch of The Final Shape,” the team wrote. In April, Bungie will launch a new content update called Into the Light that will “prepare players for their Guardian’s journey into the Traveler.” Bungie is now planning to share new gameplay of The Final Shape expansion in April.