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Epic’s expert claims Google’s operating profit margin grew from 26 percent in 2014 to 71 percent in 2021.

It allegedly hit 39 percent in 2015, 43 percent in 2016, 49 percent in 2017, 59 percent in 2018, 63 percent in 2019, 66 percent in 2020, and finally, 71 percent in 2021 — generating over $12 billion in operating profit that year.

Barnes continues to say he looked through documents to try to find any missing costs Google would have incurred to operate Google Play but didn’t find them.

“Is there some missing bucket of costs that could be added to Play to reduce its margins?” asked Epic’s lawyer.

“It would surprise me if in fact that were the case,” Barnes said.

It’s Google’s turn with Barnes. Google is beginning by attacking his credibility.