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China’s big phone makers are choosing deals with Google.

In August 2022 — according to another slide from Epic’s economist — over 80 percent of Lenovo, over 60 percent of Vivo and Oppo, and roughly 60 percent of Xiaomi phones were activated on Google’s RSA 3.0 premier tier. That’s the one that contractually keeps smartphone makers from choosing to preinstall apps that compete with ones made by Google.

Google has said fewer than 25 percent of phones go that way, and that OnePlus strategically decided not to. While those things might be true, it’s interesting to see how many new phones from the big Chinese manufacturers are coming up Google.

(Realme and OnePlus are shown as having roughly 40 percent of new phones activated on the premier tier; of 830 unnamed OEMs, only around 10 percent of new phones are activated on RSA 3.0. The chart excluded Samsung entirely.)

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