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Steve Tadelis is Epic’s expert witness, not Google’s.

Keep that in mind — he says he was assigned to look into Google’s behavior and concluded that Google “forces developers that wish to use the Google Play Store to use Google Play Billing for all in-app purchases of digital content within their apps (a ‘coercive tie’)” among other findings.

He explains coercive ties simply: if you want product A that I’m selling, you have to buy product B as well. But for it to be impactful, it also requires there to be no viable alternatives, he says. If Nike makes you buy a pair of socks with its sneakers, and you don’t like those socks, you could simply buy sneakers from Adidas instead.

We’re looking at an amusingly simple visual aid: a thick clip art of a physical rope with a prominent knot between Google Play and Google Play Billing.

So, Epic has two economists, including Doug Bernheim, whom we heard from yesterday; expect Google to have two as well.