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Epic’s economist leans on his eBay and Amazon experience.

We’re looking at a demonstrative slide titled “Web Browser Payment Solutions Services Are Not Substitutes,” showing the many steps it can take to buy digital goods on the web instead of through an app.

He says internet companies know “very well” that any amount of friction in this payment process leads to serious drop-off and that he’s seen it firsthand: “Both at the times when I was at eBay and at Amazon, there were many projects that dealt directly with friction.”

Epic asks if app developers could use links in their apps to speed things up. Sure, says Tadelis, but Google doesn’t allow that. Epic puts Google’s anti-steering provision on-screen:

“In-app user interfaced flows, including account creation or sign-up flows, that lead users from an app to a payment method other than Google Play’s billing system as part of those flows.”

Anti-steering is the one place Epic won a tentative victory against Apple, BTW.