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Google shows some alternative payment processing options are a bad deal.

“Square would charge more than Google would charge for that transaction, right?” asks Google attorney Kyle Mach.

We’re looking at a chart from Tadelis’ report that shows that for a 99 cent in-app purchase, the second most common price set by developers, there are definitely worse options than Google.

Braintree and PayPal would eat 52.1 percent of that transaction, and Stripe and Square would take 33.2 percent — unless you went with one of their micropayment rates instead, which work out to low as 14.1 percent for a 99 cent transaction via PayPal and 10.1 percent for Stripe. (Tadelis admits he couldn’t find a micropayment rate for Square.)

At $4.99, the most common in-app purchase price, the highest effective rates of alternative payment processors are 13.3 for PayPal (or 6.8 for its micropayment fee) or 12.4 percent for Braintree. Others are quite a bit lower.