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“What percentage of iPhones come with an alternative app store pre-loaded?”

“Zero,” says Gentzkow — compared to 68 percent of Android phones in the US and 65.9 percent worldwide as of July 2021.

He says that, according to Google data, there were 3.2 billion monthly app installations outside of Google Play, 189M of them in the US as of May 2021 — and that those numbers went up 58 percent and 88 percent, respectively, compared to two years prior (July 2019, to be specific).

“It’s absolutely true that the number that happens through Google Play each month is quite a bit bigger... but I’m asking has this channel been blocked, do users not have the opportunity to use it,” he says.

“This level [of off-Play installs] shows lots and lots of people go out every month and are able to do this on their Android phones.”