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Epic is coming at Google’s economist hard.

Epic attorney Yonatan Even is flipping through pages of Google’s economist’s report that we haven’t yet seen in court — and flipping some numbers on their head.

If only 19 percent of US devices have ever enabled Unknown Sources, doesn’t that mean 81 percent have never enabled it? Gentzkow says that’s right. It’s as high as 85 percent in Japan and 75 or 76 percent in Germany that haven’t enabled the ability to sideload apps, not once, ever.

He also repeated a successful move Epic used a week ago with a different Google expert, pointing out fully one third of Google’s data on its devices was listed as coming from “unknown” countries as well as devices that weren’t actually phones. He got Gentzkow to admit he simply excluded an entire third of the data that may or may not have been relevant when preparing his charts and conclusions.