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Spotify Wrapped 2023 is so popular, it’s crashing

Spotify Wrapped 2023 is so popular, it’s crashing


Spotify’s yearly roundup is showing error messages instead of listening data for some people.

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An illustration of the Spotify app logo
Illustration by Nick Barclay / The Verge

Spotify Wrapped, the yearly roundup that offers insight into your listening habits, started having issues shortly after its launch. While Spotify is offering Wrapped on the web for the first time, the experience isn’t loading for some users.

Instead of landing on a login page when heading to, some users (including myself and several others at The Verge) are seeing a blank webpage that says “500 Internal Server Error.” There are also numerous reports on X (formerly Twitter) with users reporting the same issue on both the desktop and mobile versions of the Spotify Wrapped webpage.

This is what some users see when visiting
This is what some users see when visiting
Screenshot by Emma Roth / The Verge

However, the website is only intermittently available for some people. I got the site to load after several tries, but it showed an error message after I refreshed the page. With the number of users flooding Spotify to get their Wrapped reports, it’s possible that it just couldn’t keep up with demand. The Verge reached out to Spotify to see if it’s aware of any issues but didn’t immediately hear back.

Spotify brought some new perks to Wrapped this year, including a feature that assigns you a “sound town” based on the music you’ve listened to throughout 2023, along with another system that gives you a character based on your listening habits. You can still access Wrapped through the Spotify app on Android and iOS.