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The Pokémon Horizons English dub finally hits Netflix in February

The Pokémon Horizons English dub finally hits Netflix in February


The new mainline Pokémon anime series is set to begin streaming on Netflix on February 23rd.

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It’s been about a year since Ash Ketchum finally did the thing, and the mainline Pokémon anime sent him on his merry way to make room for two new young protagonists to take over the long-running series. Though Pokémon Horizons has already been airing in Japan for a while now, it hasn’t been clear when the show’s English dub would debut, but it seems as if the wait won’t be all that much longer.

Just in time for Pokémon Day 2024 (which is on February 27th), Pokémon Horizons will hit Netflix just a few days earlier on February 23rd to introduce English-speaking audiences to Liko (Alejandra Reynoso), Sprigatito (Kira Buckland), Roy (Anjali Kunapaneni), and Fuecoco (Zeno Robinson) as they embark on an adventure spanning multiple regions throughout the Pokemon world.

Interestingly, the English Pokémon Horizons dub will reportedly premiere some time in early December (which begins this week) for UK viewers and will be available to stream on BBC iPlayer. But according to a presser from the Pokémon Company, folks in Australia will have to wait until February 27th to watch it on 9Go!, while Canadians will have to wait until March 2nd to see it on either Cartoon Network or Télétoon.