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Introducing Activision Blizzard’s “Project Boston” — it wasn’t just an app store.

We’re seeing some internal ABK documents from December 2019 — and it looks like the app store was ABK hedging its bets!

“Project Boston” shows two parallel “paths” for ABK through the mobile app landscape, only one of which would be chosen in the end.

ABK wanted either a mobile app store or, alternatively, a $100M+ deal with Google. We know which one it got.

“Path 1: Enterprise negotiation” read: “capture stronger economics for ABK across mobile, YouTube, advertising, media spend, and cloud” and “$100M+ per year value creation for ABK and growth in overall book of business between ABK and Google”

“Path 2: Build own mobile store” includes this incredibly important bit, which ABK bolded for emphasis: “Should we secure real savings with Google, we would deprioritize path 2.”