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In 2020, Activision Blizzard plan was to ramp its mobile app store.

Forgive the formatting, I copied things down fast before they disappeared. Here’s what was planned for 2020’s “ramp” of the mobile app which never wound up launching to begin with.

ABK Integration / Ramp

joint abk approach to add capabilities throughout the year

multi account support

push notifications

store operations team and tools

market expansion

cut over to internally developed systems

us and other major markets

King/ built platform: ramp team with core functionality capabilities in place to build & maintain

technology - app development, account systems, web development, commerce systems, game integration, distributions ystems

business operations - business performance, editorial, finance/reporting, legal 

In 2021, the plan was to reach “ABK solution at scale,” with 45–70 employees working on the project.

ABK’s CFO says that sounds very low. “This is not consistent with what I think it would take to develop a store like this,” he says, saying other internal efforts have hundreds of people.