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Activision Blizzard played two big companies against each other.

While its Project Boston apparently ended with it getting “billions of dollars flowing” between ABK and Google rather than attempting to ship its own mobile app store, the app store wasn’t its only Plan B.

Lawyers just showed that ABK also considered a different deal with a redacted company. The business presentation included this note:

“Note: these deals are mutually exclusive and ABK will only enter into the one we determine as the best option.” Zerza confirms ABK choose Google over the other company, and (Google’s? Epic’s?) lawyer is driving home that ABK did so because the terms of the deal were simply better for ABK.

One of those terms that I managed to nab before it flashed off-screen:

$20/15/15M annual co-marketing contingent on $900/1,000/1,200M gross bookings of ABK titles on Google Play (2020 AOP: 985M+)

We briefly saw the entire term sheet, but it was shown too small for us to read.