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Microsoft Paint’s OpenAI-powered ‘Cocreator’ image generator is here

Microsoft Paint’s OpenAI-powered ‘Cocreator’ image generator is here


Windows 11 PC users now have the DALL-E-powered ‘Cocreator’ text-to-image generator button available to use inside the latest Microsoft Paint.

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A picture of a pixelated cat generated by Paint Cocreator based on a user’s description.
Why draw the pixel cat in MS Paint when Cocreator can just make it for you?
Image: Microsoft

Microsoft is officially launching its Cocreator image-generating AI feature within the Paint app for Windows 11, as reported by Windows Latest. The new integrated text-to-image generator, powered by OpenAI’s DALL-E 3 model, was previously available only to Windows Insiders. As Windows Central points out, the new Cocreator button in Microsoft Paint has now been widely released, giving all users the ability to enter a description of something they’re visualizing and get three generated images to choose between.

While the image generator is a new addition to Microsoft Paint, the company has already sprinkled the DALL-E 3 text-to-image-making capability into its other services. Microsoft’s Bing search chatbot was where users initially punched in image requests, but that’s now folded into the overarching Copilot generative AI assistant. OpenAI provides its paid ChatGPT app users access to DALL-E 3 as well.

As powerful and capable as Copilot is, it’s also kind of overwhelming. Microsoft has pushed Copilot onto countless offerings, from Windows 10 to Microsoft 365 services, and it’s starting to feel like an AI Kool-Aid Man bursting onto the scene. But Cocreator and Paint feel deliberate and like they intuitively belong together, another step toward a future where image generators are the new clip art.

Update November 29th, 6:25PM ET: Added links to the Paint app on the Microsoft Store and to Windows Latest’s report on the new feature.