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Epic v. Google is back with Motorola — specifically Eric Christensen.

His LinkedIn lists him as “Executive Director, Software Product Management and Partner Management,” but that’s a recent title. Back in 2008, he would have been “Director, North America Software Planning and Systems Engineering, Mobile Devices,” and thus been there for the beginning of Motorola’s relationship with Android.

(Motorola arguably produced the first breakout hit Android phones with the Motorola Droid line. The first Android phone was an HTC device, the HTC Dream, which was branded as the carrier-exclusive T-Mobile G1 in the United States.)

He says he was responsible for the revenue sharing agreements between Motorola and Google, in a taped deposition we’re watching from July 2022 — and they were initially about a share of Google’s search revenue, he says. Google has tried to suggest that its search revenue share (with Apple, anyhow) isn’t relevant to this Android case.