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Nearly half of kids are listening to podcasts every week

Nearly half of kids are listening to podcasts every week


Plus, PRX’s revenue dip and SiriusXM’s earnings.

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Hello! It has been an uncharacteristically light week in the podcast world (although not, you know, the world world). Really enjoyed hearing from you all about the Rogan piece — he certainly elicits a lot of feelings from people across the board! I guess that’s why he’s number one.

I’ve got a roundup today of bits and bobs from the week. But first, I want to give a shoutout to our friends at On Air Fest. Jake went to the On Air Fest LA Business Summit on Wednesday and said it was an awesome event. One of the big talks was Ashley Carman’s chat with Mack Sovereign, EVP of content and strategy at Wave Sports + Entertainment, which produces New Heights with the Kelce brothers. Sovereign talked about how the show exploded, thanks to the Taylor Swift effect. The show is still at number one on Apple podcasts and number two on Spotify — you can read Carman’s recap here. Jake says I am not allowed to be snotty about the football bro show, so I won’t be.

Let’s get to it.

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