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Google admits it doesn’t have accurate data on how many Android users are switching to iOS.

“We can’t count it accurately,” says Gennai.

“In the order of magnitude, it’s reliable, but I can’t attest to it being correct.”

Even so, at least one Google internal document suggested that switching wasn’t common. “While the number of OS switchers is small, those that switched to iOS tend to be younger and live in urban areas,” reads one line that Epic highlighted for the jury.

“There is more switching behavior between Android OEMs than churn to iOS,” reads another.

In March 2021, a Google document shows 22 percent of Apple iOS users were listed as considering another OS, but only 9 percent were listed as intending to switch, with actual switchers labeled TBD.

For Android, it was 17 percent considering another OS, just 7 percent intending to switch, and again, TBD on actual switching. Google has already argued that small percents of billions add up to big numbers.