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Epic’s VP of marketing admits Epic chose not to target its partner Samsung.

We’ve known for years that Epic’s Project Liberty was a hush-hush plan to draw Apple and Google into a legal antitrust battle — and Epic just admitted it built a “coalition” lobbying group to help achieve its aim.

But the company’s Project Liberty never targeted Samsung, Weissinger just admitted on the stand — after also admitting that, yes, Samsung does things that the Coalition for App Fairness rejects.

“You do not believe that Samsung abides by the principles for app fairness that are on your coalition’s website?” asked Google’s attorney.

“I agree with your statement,” he replied.

“Epic has a special deal with Samsung Galaxy, correct?” Correct.

“Epic chose not to focus Project Liberty on Samsung, correct?”

“Yes, that’s correct,” said Weissinger.

Epic’s attorney got a chance to redirect, and Weissinger started off weak, suggesting that Samsung are “exceptional promotional partners that really go above and beyond.”

Epic attorney Moskowitz tried again. “Does Samsung have the same reach and control and power as Google?”

“No it does not,” said Weissinger.