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Google suggests Epic’s sideloading fail was about Fortnite, not friction.

We’ve heard a lot about the friction Google erected to keep “unknown” sources from installing apps on Android phones and how Epic believes it’s detrimental, but Google just showed that Epic knew Fortnite’s high minimum requirements to play on Android phones and its huge download size were also barriers.

Epic estimated that 37 percent of users gave up between “Clicked Download on Web” and opening the Epic Games app — but 40 percent dropped off after opening the Epic Games app and before passing a minimum spec check.

Weissinger says 40 percent is not bigger than 37 percent “in terms of absolute players,” suggesting more players were dissuaded by the former, but had to admit that 40 is bigger than 37 “as a number.”

Update: Weissinger has now explained that the 40 percent was of the remaining players after 37 percent of those attempting to download had already been dissuaded.

Only 260M phones met Fortnite’s minimum system requirements, compared to billions for competitors, the document showed.

“Download and Patching Process remains a challenge on mobile due to Fortnite Download Size relative to competitors,” reads another line from Epic’s document, showing that Fortnite’s first download took over 14 minutes, compared to under a minute for PUBG and Call of Duty: Mobile.