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Google’s reaction to Apple in 2016: “We’ll keep our billing policy as is for now. No need for deal review at this time.”

Why did Google seemingly sit on its hands for well over a year after Apple dropped its App Store fee for subscriptions, before eventually matching that rate? That’s what Epic is pushing Gennai to explain on the stand, and the answers aren’t clear.

Google’s primary answer so far is that these things take time, but we’re seeing internal Google executive summaries that at least suggest Google was taking that time intentionally.

I haven’t seen any proof Google was being greedy, but it did seem worried about how developers would react: one executive summary of a meeting between top Play Store execs shows they were so concerned with the “Spotify plan” that changing the Play Store policy seemingly hinged on Spotify.

“Make go-no go pending Spotify status” was listed as a recommendation right under “Change rev share to 30(3mo/15)” and “Change policy for all (with risk mitigation measures and exceptions).” I wonder what those exceptions were.