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Apple announces its apps — and trend — of the year.

And the winners are:

• iPhone App of the Year: AllTrails

• iPad App of the Year: Prêt-à-Makeup

• Mac App of the Year: Photomator

• Apple TV App of the Year: MUBI

• Apple Watch App of the Year: SmartGym

• iPhone Game of the Year: Honkai: Star Rail

• iPad Game of the Year: Lost in Play

• Mac Game of the Year: Lies of P

• Apple Arcade Game of the Year: Hello Kitty Island Adventure

Apple also awarded “generative AI” with Trend of the Year:

Apps are a reflection of culture, and in 2023, generative AI captured users’ collective imagination with its evolution unfolding in real time. Apps started integrating AI throughout the year in a variety of ways. Although many features are still in their infancy, they gave users a chance to see, firsthand, the technology in action and come to their own conclusions about the benefits and risks.

Apple rounded up a few generative AI apps that exemplify the trend.