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WhatsApp now lets you hide your locked chats behind a secret code

WhatsApp now lets you hide your locked chats behind a secret code


You can now choose to reveal your locked chats on WhatsApp with a secret code.

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Illustration: The Verge

WhatsApp is introducing a new way to keep your locked chats away from prying eyes. Instead of having your locked chats folder visible with all your other conversations, you can now hide the chats behind a secret code of your choosing.

As shown in the below example provided by Meta, you can use letters, numbers, special characters, and even emoji in your secret code. All you have to do is type that password into the WhatsApp search bar to find your locked chats. This should hopefully keep people from knowing you have a locked chat folder in the first place in case they sneak a peek at your phone.

Image: WhatsApp

WhatsApp also notes you can choose to have your locked chats appear in your chat list instead at any time. The Meta-owned messenger first introduced locked chats in May, which allow you to lock conversations in a folder you can only open using your fingerprint, face scan, or password. In addition to the new secret code feature, WhatsApp says you can now lock a chat by long-pressing on the conversation instead of going into the chat’s settings.

Meta is rolling out secret codes starting today, and they’ll be available globally in the coming months.