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Steam Link can now wirelessly stream VR games to your Meta Quest headset

Steam Link can now wirelessly stream VR games to your Meta Quest headset


If you’ve wanted to play Half-Life: Alyx on your Quest, it’s now a lot easier to do that.

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A photo of the Quest 3 and its controllers.
Photo: David Pierce / The Verge

Valve’s Steam Link app, which lets you stream games from your Steam library to another device, is out now for the Meta Quest 2, 3, and Pro headsets, according to a news post from Valve. Having Steam Link available on Quest devices means that you can more easily play your VR games wirelessly, so it might finally be time to play Half-Life: Alyx on your Quest if you’ve been putting it off. (It’s possible to do that now, but it takes a little work.)

To stream your games to your headset from Steam Link, Valve says you’ll need “a router with a wired connection to your PC” and “a 5GHz WiFi network for your headset.” Steam and SteamVR will need to be installed and running on your PC (which needs to be a PC on Windows 10 or newer). The company recommends a computer with at least 16GB of RAM and an Nvidia GPU (“RTX2070 or better”). And, of course, you’ll need to install Steam Link on your Meta Quest device.

This new Steam Link for Quest is nice for VR enthusiasts who may have already built up a library of VR games on Steam but also have a Quest device. And if you’ve been eyeing a few VR games on Steam as of late, Valve will be hosting a “VR Fest” on Steam from December 4th through December 11th where you can grab some games on sale. Valve’s trailer for the event features big VR games like Among Us VR, Gorilla Tag, and Tetris Effect: Connected, so it seems like those will be among the games you can buy at a discount.