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Epic approached most every OEM about preinstalling Fortnite — and some bit.

Huawei put it on Honor phones — “until we were no longer able to communicate with Huawei from a technical perspective and because of government restrictions with Huawei,” Stolfus says.

Epic had a deal with LG for a gaming-targeted phone. It still had a deal with Samsung as of 2022, four years running, to put it in the Galaxy Store. It talked to Razer and Lenovo and more.

And it had a deal with OnePlus, as we’ve repeatedly heard — Stolfus says his contacts at OnePlus promised to preinstall the app globally but “ended up only having preinstallation in India.”

Why? “Because Google blocked the proposal to preinstall our app on their devices outside of India,” he claims his OnePlus contacts told him. Google says OnePlus made its own choice.

The Samsung deal was the big one. In 2018, Epic estimated, 56 percent of devices that could run Fortnite, outside of China, were Samsung devices.