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It sure seems like Humane investor Sam Altman doesn’t care much for the Humane AI Pin.

Altman on stage with the WSJ’s Joanna Stern last month, discussing AI hardware: “I think there is something great to do but I don’t know what it is yet.”

Altman to the NYT for its shiny feature on the AI Pin, today (my emphasis):

Humane has the advantage of being the first of those A.I.-focused devices to become available, but Mr. Altman said in an interview that was no guarantee of success. “That will be up to customers to decide,” he said. “Maybe it’s a bridge too far,” he said, “or maybe people are like, ‘This is much better than my phone.’” Plenty of technology that looked like a sure bet ends up selling for 90 percent off at Best Buy, he added.

Props for honesty, Sam.