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Brother Spirit, baby.

I keep reading the big New York Times feature about Humane and it just keeps getting sillier and (delightfully) sillier:

A Buddhist monk named Brother Spirit led them to Humane. Mr. Chaudhri and Ms. Bongiorno had developed concepts for two A.I. products: a women’s health device and the pin. Brother Spirit, whom they met through their acupuncturist, recommended that they shared the ideas with his friend, Marc Benioff, the founder of Salesforce.

Sitting beneath a palm tree on a cliff above the ocean at Mr. Benioff’s Hawaiian home in 2018, they explained both devices. “This one,” Mr. Benioff said, pointing at the Ai Pin, as dolphins breached the surf below, “is huge.”

“It’s going to be a massive company,” he added.

The best part about all this — beyond the Times printing this with perfect Times self-seriousness — is that Benioff is an investor in Humane, and the Benioff-owned Time magazine followed up by naming the AI Pin one of the “best inventions of 2023” before it had even been announced.