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“After all, we’re the libraries.”

Duke University Libraries have decided to drop their use of Basecamp, after reconsidering various blog posts by co-founder David Heinemier Hansson in which he decries the push for diversity and inclusion in the workplace. Duke’s post about it is clear-eyed and crisp, and worth reading:

So when we encounter a tech company boss who takes in a nationwide movement of organized protest against police brutalization and systemic racism, led by Black activists, and amplifies the rare incidents of violence, much of it instigated by the police or right-wing counter protestors, using the mendacious language of extremists to refer to it as “riots,” we have a good idea what we’re looking at.

When we enter into business with a company whose boss takes delight in the mass layoffs of tech workers because it disempowers those who might speak out against their company keeping a list of non-Anglophone names that some members of the team find hilarious, we have a decent sense of who we’re dealing with.

You can choose to spend your time and money however you want, it turns out — a lesson that more and more Twitter-pilled CEOs are learning the hard way.