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Google’s economist says Epic owes $398,931 in damages.

While the jury gets to award damages for Epic’s breach of contract, Dr. Gregory Leonard was (briefly) here to argue how much they should be. And yes, he was compensated for this, he says.

(Basically, when Epic launched its game on the Google Play Store and bypassed Google’s payment system, it breached its contract, and anybody who bought V-Bucks from Epic using Epic’s Direct Pay system didn’t pay Google’s fee.)

Leonard has a doctorate from MIT in economics but says the calculation is pretty simple:

Epic received $1,329,770 in revenue through Direct Pay (during the short period that the hotfix was live)

Google had a 30 percent service fee

So Google lost $398,931, he concludes.

The only thing Epic asked him to clarify was whether he subtracted the transaction fees from that amount — and if he was aware Epic paid Google $3.3 million during the same period. It’s not clear where the $3.3 million number came from.