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We’re hearing a game publisher talk up the Google Play Store.

One thing Google hadn’t quite driven home yet is how its free-to-use Google Play developer tools help developers, and Tilting Point chief business officer Asi Burak is here (in a taped deposition from 2022) to explain.

He says that in general, the lifetime value of a user (LTV) on the Google Play Store is much higher than on, say, a Samsung store, but is implying that it’s not just because of Google’s market share.

Google “provides tools for me to understand how effectively I’m doing it and how effectively they convert to install the apps, the games, and how effectively I can convert them after on to be payers,” he says.

The tools help him help developers compare performance to the leading apps (anonymously) in each game genre on the store and “fine-tune” the “stream of players.”