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“Does Google charge Tilting Point for any of those services?”

“Obviously we see it as a package and part of the 30 percent platform fee on IAP. I think Google sees it the same, and it’s part of the expectations of a partnership,” says Burak, the Tilting Point head of business.

Tilting Point suggests its revenues skyrocketed after adopting a strategy of helping developers publish on the Play Store, quadrupling from under $50M in 2019 to over $200M two years later.

But Epic is pouncing on that, in a line of questioning designed to make Burak look biased — Epic gets Burak to agree that the revenue stream from Google is critical to his business, and points out how Tilting Point is in the business of brokering developer relationships with Google and how Tilting Point needs to maintain a strong relationship with Google itself to do so.

Burak says “correct” in response to each of Epic’s questions and agrees that Google asked him to testify today. I would think the jury knows by now that every witness has been called by one side or the other, but hey.