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“The sheer scale of our payments platform, as you can see here, is amazing.”

That’s a footnote from a internal document titled “Google Play Billing Partner Benefits” that will not be entered into evidence — so you’ll only see it if reporters in this courtroom describe it for you.

Let’s give it a go! The first page we’re seeing shows all the different features Google Play Billing offers from “Setup” to “Retention” to “Insights”:


play billing library

new test instruments

faster renewal testing

flexible billing frequency


extensive fop reach

free trials

introductory pricing

local pricing

subscribe & install


renewal decline recovery

grace period & account hold

real-time developer notifications

subscription restore

subscription pause

retention offers


acquisition report

retention report

cancellation report

user cancel survey

Page three shows Google Play offers credit / debit card support in 150-plus countries, direct carrier billing in 58 markets with 180-plus carriers, gift cards at 950,000 locations in 32 countries, and offers PayPal in 20-plus countries, and there’s a map that shows Google offers UPI in India, as well as E-Wallets and Mobile Money in some places.